We Miss You! – Hari Simran

January 16, 2015

HS looking down on us

I received an amazing email a few days ago. It was an email I had received multiple times in the past, but it had a whole new meaning to me this time around.

Here it is:

Subject: We Miss You!
From: Hari Simran (Raj Yoga)
Dear Renee (Haridev Kaur),

We haven’t seen you in a while at Raj Yoga, and just wanted to see how you’re doing.

Did you move out of town? Start a new job? Achieve enlightenment and graduate from yoga? Whatever it is, drop us a line. We like hearing from our yogis :)

The awesome tools and benefits of Kundalini Yoga are not limited to the yoga studio. Since you haven’t had a chance to make it to class lately…

I so much treasured the joy of getting an email from dear Hari Simran Singh Khalsa. He was telling me he missed me, when so many of us were missing him so much? The search for and passing of his beautiful soul from this lifetime on the eve of 2015 was painful, yet we were uplifted in our pain through our Kundalini community across the world. #FindHariSimran  I was sad to not be able to be with the sangat in Northern Virginia as they celebrated the life of Hari Simran, but felt so uplifted and strengthened by the faith and wisdom of his parents and his wife/soul mate Ad Purkh in their words at the memorial service online. It has been such a pleasure for me over the past few years to be at Raj Yoga with Hari Simran and Ad Purkh and serve together with both of them at many Sat Nam Fests and winter and summer solstices.

In the days since I returned to Washington, DC after nearly a month away on 9 Jan, I had begun slipping into a funk. Though I had returned to my usual life of environmental policy consulting and yoga teaching, I felt distracted in my daily Kundalini practice. I was going through the motions. I had to push myself to my mat, which is not usual for me. I felt like I was still processing some tough stuff that came up at winter solstice and then feeling such heartache and compassion for those closest to Hari Simran. But my energy for my spiritual practice just was not there.

But this email from Hari Simran woke me up! It reminded me of the deeper meaning behind #findharisimran – finding the infinite through mediation and devotion. The message I really received from this email was:

Yes, Haridev, this message is for you!!! And yes, radiant golden haired Hari Simran is looking down on all of us, reminding us all of the service we are called on to share with this beautiful and complicated world in the Aquarian Age. And the first stop in that service is on our mat in our daily spiritual practice….

It is true, I have not made it out to the lovely Raj Yoga for a class since early December. But this email more importantly reminded me of the spectacular value and treasure that Kundalini technology and community brings to my life every day.

(Photos courtesy of www.findharisimran.com.)

Photo of HS on phone with white