A Bit More About Me

June 18, 2014

The many elements that comprise me began to awaken when I took my first kundalini yoga class in 2006. My Kundalini adventure got supercharged with the sacred sound current when I attended the first Sat Nam Fest in 2010. and I have been blessed to dance my way through life ever since. I am an IKYTA certified Kundalini yoga teacher teaching at multiple locations in the DC metro area and connecting to yogis across the world through my online yoga experiences and video sessions.

As a longtime community organizer and political activist, I love to connect with people and create community around shared values and passions. Through my yoga teaching and online experiences, I seek to connect yogis to support each other in building and sustaining their personal daily yoga, meditation and spiritual practices.

I bring my background as an effective communications and engagement consultant in the hyper-stressed DC area to my yoga teaching and coaching. I love to share the insights I have gained as I continue to consciously de-stress in an increasingly frenetic world. I have found ways to balance between the disparate parts of my life, including both my consulting and yoga worlds, and would love to help you find your optimal balance as well.