Help Wanted: Seeking Balance – Three Thursday Night Classes at Lighthouse Yoga Center

April 20, 2015
bal•ance /baləns/ noun
an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

So many of us speak of trying to find and establish our balance. Whether it is in tree pose or seeking an equilibrium between our professional and personal lives – the notion of finding steadiness in the sea of change that surrounds us is challenging.

For example, tree pose is often difficult for me. I always try to stand so straight and solid. But I have come to realize some days I am just not that straight nor solid. Some days I just need to move through the position with an alternative sense of alignment as the winds of life pass by me. I have come to realize that my tree poses on those days are ever more beautiful because of this self acceptance and love in my heart.

Kundalini yoga can help us to increase our sensitivity to our inner balance and recognize the triggers in our life that can send us off course. I have recently been pursuing practices that focus on grounding through the lower triangle – or the root, sacral and navel chakras. Then on practices that focus on meditative expansion through the upper triangle – or the chakras associated with the throat, third eye and tenth gate. These balancing practices have been particularly healing and strengthening to the heart – the chakra that sits in the middle of us in many ways.

Join me for a series of Kundalini yoga classes at Lighthouse Yoga Center focused on balance in all its forms – to enable us to live into and open our hearts to the beauty and potential around us.

Three Thursday nights – 23 & 30 April, and 7 May 2015
7:15-8:30 pm
Lighthouse Yoga Center, 4203 9th St. NW, Washington DC 20011
Located in the heart of Petworth, at 9th and Upshur Streets
Drop in cost: $17
Register online at Lighthouse Yoga Center.

Help Wanted Seeking Balance