Getting out of my head and into my body in these chaotic times

March 27, 2020

Has anyone else had a “moment” in the past few days? Like when you suddenly feel like “Wow. This is all happening.” Or in the parlance of my brain, “Da#n. Sh!t’s gettin’ real!”

I don’t even need to name it, but we are all being challenged with fundamental changes at numerous levels at this time. Lots of varieties and experiences; some a lot more subtle and others very intense. But many of us have actually been struggling for quite some time – especially immigrants; recently incarcerated; those living on the edge of the economy; food and housing insecure populations; those struggling with addiction and mental illness; BIPOC (black indigenous person of color) communities; and so many more. These are not easy times, nor have they been for a long while.

But we are finding ourselves in a shifted physical environment and a whole new paradigm from an energetic and spiritual perspective. I am finding it easy for my brain to take over, start to swirl with all the different inputs from my cell phone, ipad and laptop, essentially taking me “off my feet”. The information overload is real, and is causing me to lose track of the truth that resides in my body.

But what is it that I need most right now? My intuition. Where do I feel it? First in my gut, but when I really get quiet and listen, it speaks throughout the beautiful and complex system that is my body. But the swirling information and media – and the anxious place it takes my brain – takes me out of this beautiful, sacred and wise body of mine.

Root Chakra Mantras

Through years of yoga training and practice, I frequently hear “stay grounded” and I have been given practices to sit quietly and imagine that I am growing roots into the ground. Well, I did not get it back then. I may have thought that was a little bit of hocus pocus, but an interesting concept all the same, but one I did not really connect to within myself. Well, our current times are changing my understanding of grounding very quickly.

Why do we need to get grounded now? With more time in the same place, but more and more swirling information fueling fear, we need to find our firm foundation to be able to fully use our intuition in this time (rather than just zooming around in a fearful brain).

So how do we “get grounded”? The technique of imagining yourself a tree with lengthy healthy roots is a good one, but does not resonate with everyone. For others, it can feel really powerful to walk outside directly on the earth with bare feet, while actively stepping into all parts of your feet while you feel them connect with the ground. Take multiple steps in this way while breathing and focusing on being in your body and feeling gravity on you.

Most helpful to me in the past few days has been to use mantra to resonate a sense of grounding throughout my body. Simple statements like any one or all of these:

“I am safe. I am confident. I am balanced. I am powerful. I have everything I need. I belong.”

These are great things to say out loud to yourself while you walk bare foot. Or to put them up on your fridge or your bathroom mirror so you see them multiple times per day.

My brain sometimes likes to unwind and analyze these statements —- but these are not for your brain! This is for your body, energy and soul to align with what truly matters right now. This is an effort to ground your energy, separate from the chaos and realign to care for and strengthen your connection to your body and your intuition in these challenging times.

This can be an exhausting process. Why did it take me so long to really understand grounding? Because it was way too traumatic to truly BE in my body. A lifetime of negative self-talk fueled by an array of childhood and adult traumas had pushed me wholly into my brain so I did not have to feel the sadness and grief stuck in my joints and lungs. If you feel resistance to getting in your body, listen deeply to that resistance. Give yourself time and space to rest, and seek out the support of friends in these times.  Try a minute or two at a time of feeling all the parts of your body and then give yourself a break, knowing that you are doing incredibly important work for our collective consciousness.

I am so grateful to have found tools that work to me, but still, these times are hard. Every event that matters to me in the coming months has been canceled – including work conferences and 3HO Summer Solstice Sadhana. All the experiences from which I thought I would gain the meaning of my year from have been postponed or outright taken off the calendar. Yes, I have some anxiety. But I am conscious of that anxiety, and using that awareness within my body to better understand and serve both myself and the world.

Do let me know if you need anything during these challenging times. Drop me a message at hkk at or reach out to me via Facebook or Instagram