Bring Your Bliss Home 2015 – 11 Days Online Starts January 20th

January 16, 2015

Bring Your Bliss Home 2015

Another year – 2015 – did it start with a set of “resolutions” that have been forgotten or pushed down on the priority list?  Did you have lots of hopes for the new year and now you just feel stuck back in your old routine?

There is still time to reinvigorate your bliss within and bring it home for 2015!

Join us online for Bring Your Bliss Home – an 11 day online meditation experience

Through a daily shared Kundalini meditation practice for 11 days, we will strengthen and reinforce our connection to this sacred technology and commit ourselves to self-care in the new year. Through customized daily emails, personal follow ups and phone calls based on your preferences, I will encourage you through this auspicious time for visioning our inspirations for 2015.

We will start on January 20th, the first new moon in calendar year 2015. The new moon is a time for rebirth and to foster prosperity within and about you. Also, since the moon shifts into Aquarius at this time as well, it is a beautiful time to release the past and start anew.

Recommended donation:

  • $108 for full 11 Day experience with daily personalized outreach from Haridev
  • $26 to join in with daily emails only

New to Kundalini Yoga? We are so happy to have you join us for this experience – all are welcome!

Are you a yoga teacher? Join us to re-invigorate your practice while sharing this with your students to help them build their daily commitment to this sacred technology. Group discounts available.

Email Haridev or DM her on Facebook for more info and to sign up.

Now is the time…
to commit to your practice
to shift your vibration to a place of peace
to reinforce your discipline to serve the universe
to transform yourself through love and self-care

…and for you to be you