A Review of 2016: A List of and for Infinity

January 01, 2017
Relate to Infinity-Hermanus-HKKA concept that got reinforced within me this past year is that of infinity. I am infinite, you are infinite, we are all infinite. But we can choose to tap into that infinity – or not. And our infinity is still there – regardless of how much the world is seemingly dragging us through the mud.
2016 was challenging – no doubt! But it also offered so many opportunities for deep growth and healing.
The difficult was too much to mention… the global to the personal for me… but here are a very few reflections on the challenges:
  • Corrupt Politics: The corrupt election where hate won – but only on the short term, I believe. Growth and expansion is coming – maybe not immediately – but yes!
  • Deep Sadness: My first yoga teacher passed on – Gurmukh Kaur (Elizabeth Greathouse) – a few months shy of my ten year anniversary of taking my first ever yoga class with her. A complex and beautiful soul…
  • Tragic Violence: One of my mentors was tragically murdered in Baltimore while walking her beloved dogs this summer. Such a brilliant mind and a devastating loss to Washington. DC’s policy community.
But I am choosing to stay in the flow with what is working and making me happy. I hold so dear these highlights of 2016:
  • My Life Shifted Ten Years Ago: 10 years of yoga – I took my first class in 2006.
  • “Revolve Your Life Around Summer and Winter Solstice and Everything Will Be Taken Care Of”: This year was my fourth straight year of serving at both Winter and Summer Solstice and Sat Nam Fest East and West. Yogi Bhajan’s words are SO legit. I am so blessed!
  • More Yoga Teaching: My travel schedule slowed down a bit, allowing me to teach yoga more – both in DC and at all the festivals noted above!
  • Patience, Service and Love: Celebrated 16 years of marriage with Liam Leduc Clarke.
  • Sharing the Technology: I enjoy continuing to share insights with individuals seeking to know their souls through numerology and daily meditative practice.
  • Embracing the Winds of Change: The unanticipated and numerous discussions I had with leaders in the Kundalini community at winter solstice about mindfully changing how our community speaks about gender in our practice and our community
  • Embodying Trust Rather than Fear: I have now owned my own consulting business focused on climate, weather and aerospace policy for three years – every year the work shifts and changes, but revenue keeps coming. Thankful for trust and the power of networking!
  • Yahoo!: Watched the successful launch of an amazing new weather satellite at Cape Canaveral, Florida with my two awesome nieces – after nearly 13 years of working on the satellite program in various ways.
  • We Were Rescued: Thankful for following my heart and Liam’s desire to rescue a dog – Dixon the beagle mix is such a treasure to us.
Challenges and blessings. Remembering and connecting with our infinite natures. May we embrace it all and lift each other up in peace. To a happy and peaceful 2017!
Rainy Hwy-You Are Infinite